Realme : Made to compete with Xiaomi’s Redmi?


Realme- an Oppo subbrand is all set to hit the smartphone market next month. The model name of this smartphone would be Realme 1. The interesting thing about this brand is its name itself. Xiaomi’s Redmi models are ruling the sub 10,000 range smartphone. You can easily figure out why Oppo has kept their sub-brand name as Realme. Well, whether this brand will really give Xiomi’s Redmi phones or it will be forgettable just another brand, time will only tell. In this article, I will try to explain what special things you can expect in this new brand’s phone.

Realme amazon oppo
Source: Amazon India

Realme-why this name?

If you have ever thought of purchasing a budget and fairly powerful device, which brand comes to your mind? Xiaomi’s Redmi! Isn’t it? Oppo is clearly trying to bring a brand name which will make buyers think again. Which one should I buy-REDMI OR REALME? This will somehow compel customers to check Realme’s specifications. And that’s the main motto of keeping the brand name like this. Obviously, Oppo will try to give more features than the Xiaomi’s Redmi so that customers give it a shot. Smart move Oppo!

Claims by the company

Realme set to unveil its phone on May 15th this year is claiming many things which will help it compete with Redmi. The first thing company is showcasing on its phone is the design. On Amazon, they have mentioned that unlike Redmi generic design, their phone will be having Diamond Black design. The company has literally shown the Redmi model’s(looks like Redmi 3s or back design) back design side by side with its mobile back look. This also confirms that they are really planning to compete with Redmi phones.


When geeks start a discussion on any mobile phone, the first thing they discuss is the processor. Processor decides pretty much how responsive will be your device. Since Xiaomi provides pretty good processors at a budget price, Oppo might be planning on using better processors at same or nearly similar prices. If we go by the words of this brand which they have mentioned on the Amazon site, it is clear that a powerful processor will be present under the hood of REALME.

Looks and style

As we already discussed design, Oppo is eager to make look and style the USP of this device. The diamond black design is what Oppo calls it. Apart from this Oppo is likely to add some really cool features on the design front. In general, Oppo-phones resemble with iPhones. Let us hope we get to see something different this time.


Realme real service 1 hour service
Source: Amazon India

Looks like support will be provided solely by Oppo only. Oppo calls the support also “The Real Service”. Interesting! According to this claim, your mobile will be picked, services and delivered in just 1 hour. This is by far the most special promise made by any company. Yes, Yureka mobiles also claimed this type of service. But they didn’t promise to provide service in just 1 hour. This is really crazy claim by the company. However, “Real Service” will be possible in metro cities only. In our opinion, this will become the USP of this particular brand provided they deliver what they promised before the launch.


Realme is providing 1 year of warranty. It could have been better to provide 6 months extra warranty. Huawei is the only good brand which is providing 18 months of warranty. Since Realme is claiming that each phone is rigorously tested before shipping, you can expect a pretty reliable phone. Also, Gorilla glass is what you can expect in the Realme phones.

With Realme launch, Oppo is all set to give Xiaomi tough competition, especially in the budget section. Will Realme defeat Redmi and become the talk of the town? At this time it will not be wise to tell whether this phone will be successful or not. But looking at the support claim, Realme is certainly going to convince a customer to go for it as Xiaomi support is not that good. What do you think? Which will be the winner? Comment down and let us know your thoughts on this “Brand”.


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