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Motorola G6-Can it compete with Redmi Note 5 Pro?


Motorola G6 is the latest and most awaited Motorola “G” series of phones. Back in 2013, Motorola changed the perception of many geeks towards affordable phones by offering class-leading specs. Motorola G6 is launched when many brands have already launched so many good phones offering great specs. The most recent one is Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro.

motorola g6 vs redmi note 5 pro

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Motorola G6 is launched at a budget price of Rs. 13999 which is cheaper than Redmi Note 5 Pro(64 GB variant). Redmi Note 5 Pro is currently priced at Rs. 14999. Is this price difference of thousand bucks going to affect Xiaomi’s latest Redmi series sale? Let’s find out in this article by looking at the specs of Motorola G6 and comparing it head to head with RN5 Pro.

Motorola G6 specifications


Motorola G6 sports Full HD+ 5.7 inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. RN 5 PRO has the similar display except little bigger display(5.99 inches). So Moto display will look sharper than RN 5 PRO at least on paper. Both the sets have 2.5D curved display.

Processor and GPU

With Snapdragon 450 clocked at 1.8 GHz, Motorola can’t beat RN5 PRO which has Snapdragon 636(clocked at 1.8 GHz). You are certainly not going to see any major difference between speeds in basic day to day usage but flagship games will not be enjoyable on Moto latest phone.  MOTO G6 has Adreno 506 while RN 5 PRO sports Adreno 509. So RN 5 PRO definitely has an edge over MOTO G6 when we take gaming into consideration.


While G6 is launched with Oreo 8.1 out of the box, RN initially released with Nougat is now providing Oreo 8.1 updates to the users. So both the phones will get the Android P update for sure. Since Xiaomi is infamous for providing updates slowly, MOTO is expected to get Android P updates sooner than RN5 PRO.

Camera and Battery

Moto G6 has 12+5 MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture and f/2.2 aperture respectively. RN 5 PRO also has the same rear camera setup with f/2.2 aperture but it has got 20 MP front camera with flash. The 20 MP camera on RN 5 Pro will certainly outperform MOTO G6’S 8 MP camera without any flash.

MOTO G6 is offering just 3000 mAh battery while RN 5 PRO has 4000 mAh battery which may be an important factor while making choice between the two phones for some users. MOTO could have got at least 3500 mAh battery in their new G-series phone. The battery is the most disappointing spec in MOTO G6 despite supporting TURBO charging.


MOTO finally added magnetic sensor after getting backlashes from customers and geeks around the world. Apart from the magnetic sensor, it has got fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, ambient light, proximity, and ultrasonic sensors as well. RN 5 PRO on the other hand sports all of the above sensors and HALL sensor as a bonus.

Other features

  • Face unlocking: Both the handsets support face unlock.
  • Gesture support: MOTO G6 has twisting wrist twice gesture to quickly capture a moving object while RN 5 PRO has so-called “say cheese ” gesture to capture an image.  Apart from camera gesture, MOTO also brings some cool gestures like chopping down twice to turn on the flashlight.  Both the handsets have the feature of placing three fingers on the screen to take a screenshot.
  • Design: Unlike RN 5 PRO(Metal back), Moto has a FULL back glass design which will give premium look to the handset.
  • Availability: RN 5 PRO is hard to get because of limited stock while MOTO G6 will be easily available for the customers.

Wrapping up

MOTO G6 is certainly not offering groundbreaking features for the price but it will definitely please the customers looking for the premium designed phone at a budget price. In almost all departments MOTO G6 lags behind Xiaomi’s RN 5 PRO. Motorola is definitely good at providing support than Xiaomi which may be important for some users while making their choice between the two phones. In few months Moto will launch G6 plus as well. But folks who can’t wait can still go with moto G6 as it will provide a good package in a budget price except for the battery. Which phone will you choose if you are planning to buy a new phone-RN 5 PRO or MOTO G6? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Anita Dsouza 19th June 2018

    I dont think Redmi Note 5 Pro can be defeated by Moto in terms of performances


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