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Lineage Downloader App Review

lineage downloader app featured

Lineage Downloader App is made for reducing the ROM update size by 90-95%. This means if the Original ROM update size is 400 Mbs then you probably need to spend just 30-40 Mbs in order to keep your Lineage OS up to date and have the latest security patches of Android. So is this App worth trying or you should stick to the default OTA updates? Let’s find out in this post.

Lineage Downloader: OTA alternative?

Lineage Downloader downloads the updates same as how default OTA does but it requires significantly fewer data. In typical OTA update, you need to spend roughly 400 Mbs on weekly(nightly) updates. Many Lineage users refrain from updating since they don’t want to spend hundreds of Mbs for minor updates.

Lineage downloader App

Welcome Screen

Lineage Downloader helps you to download delta(tiny) update which is further applied to the original zip file by the app itself. This way you get the full update without spending hundreds of Mbs. Cool right? But there is a catch. Your device needs to be rooted prior to downloading this app. If you download delta update without providing root access to the App, you will encounter an error: “Delta app couldn’t apply”.

So Lineage Downloader is an alternative to OTA for only rooted devices.

Requisites to use this App

  • TWRP/CWM recovery installed
  • Full Rom file(required only once and needs to be put in Lineage downloader file in the root directory)
  • Device rooted and root permission granted to this APP

User Interfacelineage downloader old builds

This App once launched the first time greets you with an introduction you can see in the first screenshot above.  The introduction clearly mentions what this App is all about. Once you click the configure option you will land on the regular page of this App. You will find three options namely old builds, current, and next nightly.

Digging in further

Lineage Downloader Rating option

Rating Option

This App is having a rating system as well which let users rate a particular build based on performance. So looking at the old builds page you can decide which ROM you should switch to if you don’t like the current build.

In the current build page, you will get the information about the build installed currently on your device. You will find a refresh option on the right bottom corner which allows you to check any new build if it is available to download. If any new update is available, the App will show a download option in the same place where refresh option was located i.e. right bottom corner.

Downloading Update

Once you hit the download option the App will download the delta option if you have opted for the delta in download option in the App settings. Once downloaded, the App will start applying this delta update to the ROM file you have saved in the “Lineage Downloader” folder. Basically, delta update is the small changes made to the ROM by the developer. So instead of downloading full ROM this App just downloads the delta update only by comparing the locally available ROM file and the latest version available on the server.

Ready Update

If you have provided root privilege to the App then App can easily apply delta update and make a full updated ROM file locally. After this, the APP prompts about the successful application of delta update. Also, it gives an option to flash this updates ROM. You can just hit flash and you need not do anything further. The mobile boots into recovery mode and flash start automatically. This is basically a dirty flash. Once successfully flashed(takes 5 minutes), the mobile reboots. The boot time after flashing is usually more than normal but not much longer than 10 minutes.


On the App home page, you can easily find setting-option by tapping 3 dots-menu located in the upper right corner. The setting has many options to choose from. You can actually download delta as well as the full update but delta update is what this App aims to provide. Further, you have an option to choose the type of update you want to download namely nightly or snapshot. In case you don’t use the WIFI at all or use less frequently you can uncheck “only download on WIFI”.Lineage Downloader settings

You also get an option to schedule checking for the new build automatically. “Wipe cache” and “disable automatic flash on low battery” are few cool features which this App offers.


This apps works as exactly what it promises-update your ROM by applying delta updates. Having cool UI and helpful rating option this APP fulfills the needs of Lineage users but the app-inbuilt interactive guide would have been a welcome addition. This App never crashed or stuck while the whole process. This App works only on rooted devices which may not be favorable for few users due to the security reasons. Apart from this, Lineage downloader works for the only official builds currently.

So if you are a lineage os fan and want to keep your android up to date without wasting hundreds of Mbs of costly data then you should definitely try this APP.

Having any doubts about how to use this APP or just want to share your usage-experience of this App? I would definitely like to know your thoughts on this. Ask anything in the comments and I will get back to you soon.

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