How to improve battery backup in android

Battery-Backup improvement techniques.

 Battery backup is most discussed topic about Android on the internet

Any android phone user always wishes to stay away from the power socket and keep surfing Internet, chatting etc. Almost every new android user thinks about how to improve battery backup in android. Many apps in play store claim to increase battery back up but practically they fail to do so. Some great apps like Greenify do work flawlessly but they tend to increase screen time marginally. However, there is a perfect way to increase battery back up drastically. The solution is to reduce CPU clock speed with the help of an app called Kernel Adiutor. This app is available on play store.

How to fix?

The prerequisite for using Kernel Adiutor is that your phone is rooted. If your phone is already rooted then go ahead and install Kernel Adiutor from play store. The next step will be opening the app and granting root access. Next, you need to go to the menu and click on CPU option. Set CPU maximum frequency as low as possible. Make sure maximum and minimum frequency are selected differently. Next select CPU governor as interactive.

On top, you need to select apply on boot to automatically apply settings your phone boots up next time.

Finally, close the app and restart your phone. You will notice the battery drain problem will drastically reduce.

What else can you do?

1.  Never install any antivirus as it will keep running in the background, consuming the battery juice and slow down your phone as well.

2. Do not install any unknown app like DU battery etc. These apps do not save battery juice instead they consume a lot by running in the background. The battery backup in android is the most searched stuff on the internet. That is the reason these apps claim that they can improve battery backup in android to get a number of installs.

3. Keep those apps only which you usually use. Do not keep any unwanted app.

4. Install apps from Google Play store only.





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