How to disable automatic update on windows 10


What’s wrong with the automatic update on windows 10?

The automatic update on Windows 10 is not liked by many of us. After Windows 7, Windows 10 is most installed operating system as of early 2018. The windows 10 was launched on 29 July 2015.  Windows 10 has seen three major updates and dozens of smaller ones along the way to provide great speed and user experience to the users. Windows 10 incorporates lots of features in addition to earlier versions of windows but still, people hesitate to upgrade to windows 10 because of many reasons. Non-availability of disabling option in the automatic update being one of them forces people to stick with earlier versions of windows. Broadband plans are still very costly across many countries.

The question now comes to your mind is that – is it really not possible to disable automatic update in windows 10? The answer is yes, you can but Microsoft doesn’t want you to stop the update from your end. Stopping update may resist security and other important updates of the windows to reach you on time leading to security and other issues in your system. That is the reason Microsoft didn’t include disable update option as it did in earlier versions of windows. We recommend you to not stop automatic update unless you really have limited bandwidth and you are a pro user.


To stop update on your Windows 10 system, you need to follow the steps given below and watch video tutorial as well for better understanding.


#1. Go to Cortana search bar and type local services and click on view local services.disable automatic update in windows 10

#2.  A new window called services will open, you have to scroll down and double click on windows to disable automatic update by gyan goggles

#3. windows update property window will pop up. Select startup type as disabled and hit the stop button.

#4. Hit ok then apply. close the window. You successfully disabled the automatic update on windows 10. You need not restart your system.


The manual way is explained above. The above method can stop the update but not the forced ones. To turn off and control the updates, the best possible way is to use a simple program. Download StopUpdates10 here. This small application can help you to control the updates like never before. After you download the application, start it and you will a see window like this.automatic update

Click on the “stop windows updates”. This simple application will stop all the processes involved in the automatic update.



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