Buying The First Flying Car Is Not a Dream Anymore


Flying car-the dream came true

The world’s first flying car is now a reality. You can actually buy a flying car now. A Dutch company called PAL-V has unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland. On Tuesday this firm made  the final production model public. Now you can buy this car on their official website and get it by 2019.

The company is taking time till 2019 so that the production model gets final safety certifications.

The speed is the USP of this car. It has an amazing speed of  100 miles per hour as claimed by the company. In air the speed is up to 112 mph. At an altitude of 11000 feet (maximum), it can achieve speed up to 350 miles per hour.

You must be thinking how much time it will take to take the car from road to air? So that too is revealed by the firm and the transition time will be 10 minutes which will be done manually.

So how much it will cost?

You need to pay $621,500(Rs. 4,03,31,185) to buy the limited edition model. However “Liberty Sport Edition” will cost around $371313.15 which will be available afterwards. 

How to get flying lessons?

The flying lessons will be provided by the company itself. The cost of these lessons is already included in the price. The reservation fees will be non-refundable.

Owners of this car will need a pilot’s license to fly. The U.S. and European safety agencies have already issued certification to the flying car. You can’t book these cars online if you stay in India. The company may expand it’s business in India after one or two years. This car requires small airstrips to take off and land.

This car will make the lives of office-going people much simpler. The company has made the flying car for those who value time.



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